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April 28, 2022

An NFT wallet tracker is an application that allows users to manage and keep track of any NFTs investments that they have stored within their wallets.

What is an NFT?

An NFT, which stands for Non-fungible token, is a type of interchangeable crypto asset within the blockchain. They represent a unique asset made up of identification information and metadata that ensures they can be told apart from one another.

With their recent increase in popularity in the media, the amount of collectors looking into investing in NFTs is quickly on the rise. Most of these investors are new to the crypto industry but feel now is the right time to start investing - although doing your own research into the right tools and apps can be a daunting subject.

Some of the largest adoptions of NFTs have been through projects that have used NFTs for art and digital media such as images, audio, and video. Although, NFTs are not limited to just these use cases, they can be associated with any digital or real-world object.

Why do I need an NFT tracking app?

As an NFT investor you'll soon start to realize how hard it is to keep track of your assets. You'll find that there isn't one single marketplace that will allow you to see all of your NFTs and you'll quickly lose track of which of your wallets holds a certain NFT. This is further complicated by the fact that NFTs can be purchased across multiple different chains.

The majority of wallets have little to no support for keeping track of your NFTs, and even the ones that do so are limited to only viewing the NFT. This is where Dexfolio comes in.

Dexfolio - NFT Portfolio Tracker

What is Dexfolio?

Dexfolio is a web3 ecosystem aiming to revolutionize the DeFi sector and how we invest in crypto.

Coming soon to the Dexfolio app, is a reliable NFT tracking feature that will enable crypto investors to automatically track data about their NFTs from across multiple chains by simply entering their wallet addresses, displaying the value of their portfolio and all of their assets in one place.

As well as being an NFT tracker you’ll also be able to track your other holdings such as crypto tokens, search over ten thousand tokens subscribing to them by adding them to your watchlist, check on price performance, see token info and see the total value of your portfolio.

How can Dexfolio help me track my NFT portfolio?

Dexfolio was built specifically to help you manage and keep track of all of the assets in your portfolio, with NFTs being added to the app shortly.

Dexfolio is truly multichain, allowing you to add all of your wallets in one place. Once NFT tracking has been added to Dexfolio you be able to track your NFTs from multiple different blockchains within a single portfolio view, allowing you to keep a close eye on your NFT investments.

Currently, Dexfolio is able to track data across the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and IoTex blockchains, with over 20 more chains being added in the near future.

What information does Dexfolio give me about my NFT collections and the NFT market?

Once your NFT wallet has been added to Dexfolio you will be able to take a deeper dive into the details of your NFT portfolio.

Clicking on an NFT will allow you to access additional data about your NFT, information such as:

  • Name/collection
  • NFT Image
  • Chain
  • Current floor prices
  • Recent sale price
  • Collection size
  • Which wallet contains the NFT

How can I get the Dexfolio app?

The Dexfolio app can be downloaded from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

How can I find out more about Dexfolio and join the community?

If you have any further questions please feel free to join our community:

You can also visit our website:

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Written by
Ben Sash

Ben Sash is the founder and CEO of Dexfolio, the company behind the industry-leading cryptocurrency tracking app.

Ben has led the development and design of digital products for over six years in his various roles with prominent e-commerce brands.

With his experience in leadership, product design, and agile development, Ben has built an unstoppable team and compiled the vision for Dexfolio to shape the industry and become a leader in its sector.

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