A multi-DEX crypto tracker with automatic alerts.
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Roadmap & Features

IDO is Here (and more)!

After months of hard work and perseverance, we’re incredibly excited to announce the Dexfolio IDO will be on oxbull.tech on July 21st!

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Dexfolio x Lithium Ventures (Previously EBSC)

Effortlessly track the overall performance of the Lithium Fund and your personal allocation directly in the Dexfolio app!

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The App

The App

Track both ETH and BSC assets
Automatic alert system
Accurate Token Prices
Complete alert history
Syncs all your DEX trades live
iPhone and Android app
Clean and intuitive design
Integrated coin search
Integrated token watchlist
Track your Liquidity Positions
Powerful customization engine
Advanced trade stats
In-app DEX aggregator
And much more shit planned
The Token: Dexfolio


Built for BSC — Get on Pancake Swap
Spend DEXF to get pro features
Deflationary tokenomics
LP Staking
Token Governance and the DAO
In-app DEXF staking
Top secret gamechanger
*Disclaimer: Due to the fast-paced nature of crypto , this roadmap may change.

App Teaser

Track both ETH and BSC assets

Easily add ETH and BSC addresses so you can see all your DEX tokens in one central hub. We plan to implement XDai and Matic closely following launch.
The DAO will decide further chain support with governance votes.

Automatic Alerts

Other portfolio apps alert for every “significant” price movement or require you to set a USD price target one coin at a time.
Dexfolio notifies you when your token hits your % change targets based on your entry price or your chosen length of time.
Set portfolio-wide and then modify per coin.

Accurate Token Prices

Dexfolio pulls the current sell price live from Uniswap and Pancake Swap so your portfolio numbers are accurate.

Alert History

Saves a log of all previous alerts so you can keep track of your portfolio's performance at a glance.
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