Uniswap Portfolio Tracker: Simplifying DeFi Assets

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March 17, 2022

Uniswap portfolio tracker access has become a necessity with the growth explosion of Uniswap, one of the largest DeFi protocols. As the popularity of decentralized finance attracts new users, many are finding the current tools cumbersome and difficult to use, especially as many new traders have limited experience in the management of DeFi assets.

What Is Uniswap?

Uniswap is an open-source decentralized finance protocol designed for creating liquidity. It is based on Ethereum and trades ERC-20 coins. Traders have access to liquidity pools without going through a third-party exchange or trusted intermediaries who may extract fees.

Uniswap is resistant to censorship and security and self -custody are high priorities. It does away with asset-draining rent extraction, making trading efficient and fast. Private keys are kept safe as they are never stored in a third-party database.

Crypto Portfolio Trackers: The New Generation Of Simplified Assets Tracking

Enter the new generation of decentralized finance portfolio trackers, simplifying investments and streamlining data management. New investors are especially drawn to portfolio trackers with simple wallet connections, an easy-to-use dashboard, meaningful price alerts, and simple access to data. The crypto space has been crying out for a mobile app that makes DeFi assets easy to manage.

A Crypto Portfolio Tracker With A Difference

Dexfolio has answered the call with its new mobile-first app. With UX firmly in mind, Dexfolio set out to create a mobile-first app that would meet the needs of both new traders and those looking to simplify multiple DeFi holdings. But a powerful UX was not our only goal. The UI was just as important, so we created a professional, visually appealing app with our mantra in mind, actionable intelligence. It must not only look good, but it also has to work well and provide only what our community needs. Nothing more.

Best Crypto Portfolio Tracker: Built by Traders, for Traders

Dexfolio is the first multi-DEX portfolio tracker with automatic price alerts. Built to include Uniswap, QuickSwap and Pancake Swap, it has the ability to easily onboard other decentralized exchanges as required, connect multiple wallets, and manage every aspect of a DeFi portfolio. Our aim is to be the best mobile-first crypto portfolio tracker in the DeFi space, and we are achieving this goal through solid community consultation. Our app is built by crypto traders to meet the needs of crypto traders and we understand what the community wants.

Crypto Assets Management Without Third Parties

In the past, most activities related to crypto have been carried out through cryptocurrency exchanges. Bitcoin and Binance are well-known examples. As a result, technology of the past reflects crypto's origins; some has even been adapted from centralized assets management such as banks.

But with the stellar rise of the DeFi world, older style apps are no longer adequate for managing assets in an increasingly complex space. Market leaders are responding to the need for technology that works well with DeFi protocols and meets user needs, something that Dexfolio has had firmly in its sights.

Best DeFi Portfolio Tracker for Uniswap

Uniswap has grown exponentially over the past year or so until it has become one of the largest DeFi platforms. That's why Dexfolio created a Uniswap portfolio tracker, making it super-easy for active users of the platform to trade and conduct other DeFi activity. In the future, Dexfolio may even include functionality for managing other digital assets such as real estate.

With an easy-to-use dashboard, intuitive information delivery, and built from the ground up to incorporate DeFi protocols, this customer-focused app delivers the best user experience in the market. It is built on the premise of 'minimum steps to action,' something most other apps miss. Dexfolio's app has to be first and foremost easy to use.


What Is Uniswap Tracker?

A Uniswap tracker allows users to manage their digital assets within the Uniswap DeFi protocol. The best tools for DeFi portfolio management give traders access to information about DeFi tokens, price movements, the total value of holdings, historical returns, DeFi projects, market analysis, and more. Dexfolio's aim is to do all this quickly and efficiently.

What Is Uniswap Whale Tracker?

Crypto whales are groups of people who work together to hold a large share of a single coin. Because of their size, they are capable of manipulating coin prices to their advantage. It's a good idea for other traders to keep an eye on whale activity so they can adjust their own trading strategies.

Whale tracking can occur within the chain, but it can be time-consuming and tedious. A Uniswap whale tracker can quickly identify whale activity, making it easy for traders to react. Dexfolio has future plans to include a whale tracker in its advanced analytics suite.

What is Metamask Portfolio Tracker?

Metamask is a cryptocurrency wallet that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. With Dexfolio, traders can connect the wallet and track their DeFi portfolio, making transactions easy to manage. Along with market analysis, investors can also track data for informational purposes, helping them to stay current with market trends and make sound investment decisions.

What is Uniswap Fee Tracker?

As its name suggests, a Uniswap fee tracker keeps track of the fees traders are charged when trading on the Uniswap protocol. This is an essential tool, as fees can quickly mount up each time investors trade. Dexfolio has a suite of advanced analytics planned which will include a Uniswap fee tracker.

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Written by
Ben Sash

Ben Sash is the founder and CEO of Dexfolio, the company behind the industry-leading cryptocurrency tracking app.

Ben has led the development and design of digital products for over six years in his various roles with prominent e-commerce brands.

With his experience in leadership, product design, and agile development, Ben has built an unstoppable team and compiled the vision for Dexfolio to shape the industry and become a leader in its sector.

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